wait1 [ weıt ] verb intransitive ***
1. ) to stay in one place because you expect or hope that something will happen:
Sheryl said she'd be waiting in the lobby.
wait for: He was attacked while he was waiting for a bus.
The airport was full of anxious relatives, waiting nervously for news of the missing plane.
wait until/till: Let's sit down and wait till Bob gets here.
wait to do something: The television showed thousands of frightened people waiting to board buses.
a ) to delay doing something until someone arrives or something else happens:
I'm busy right now, so you'll just have to wait.
wait for: Shall we start eating, or should we wait for the others?
The police are waiting for more evidence before making an arrest.
b ) keep someone waiting to make someone stay in one place or do nothing until you are ready to see them or talk to them:
We were kept waiting outside his office for over an hour.
Don't keep me waiting for an answer.
wait for someone/something to do something: Rescue teams were waiting for the weather to improve.
c ) wait in/on line AMERICAN to stand in a line with other people because you want to buy something or do something:
Teenagers wait in line hours at a time for these concerts.
2. ) to be hoping or expecting that something will happen:
wait for: I've been waiting for a refund check for several months.
wait for someone/something to do something: There's no point waiting for her to change her mind you'll just have to go without her.
3. ) to be ready for someone to take or use:
wait for: There's a package waiting for you in the office.
something can/cannot wait
used for saying that something does not need to be done now/needs to be done now
someone can't wait/can hardly wait
used for saying someone is very excited about something they expect will happen:
I can't wait for the holidays.
Marlene can hardly wait to go to the beach again.
just wait until/till SPOKEN
1. ) used for saying that someone should be patient for a moment:
Just wait until I've finished this story.
2. ) used for saying someone will be very surprised or happy when they see something:
Just wait till you see how she's grown!
3. ) just (you) wait (until/till) used for telling someone that they will be in trouble if they do not stop behaving badly:
Just you wait till your father gets home.
there's no time to wait SPOKEN
used for saying that you must take action immediately
wait a minute/second SPOKEN
1. ) used for telling someone to be patient while you think:
Oh, wait a minute, I'm trying to remember her name.
2. ) used for telling someone to stop and wait for you:
Wait a minute I have to tie my shoe.
3. ) used for expressing surprise about something that just happened or was just said, usually something that seems wrong:
Wait a second, wasn't Jackie supposed to be here?
4. ) used for saying you disagree with what someone is saying or doing, or you want them to listen to you:
Wait a minute, that's not what I said!
wait and see
to stay calm and delay doing something until you see what happens:
Let's just wait and see what they have to say.
wait tables
to serve food to people in a restaurant or café
wait your turn
to wait in a patient way for your opportunity to have or do something
waiting in the wings/waiting (for) your chance
to be prepared for an opportunity to do something that you have wanted to do for a long time:
Another group of young skaters is waiting in the wings.
waiting to happen
used for saying that something very bad is likely to develop from a particular situation:
There may be more riots waiting to happen.
It's an accident waiting to happen.
what are you waiting for? SPOKEN
used for telling someone that they should do something immediately, and not delay
something will have to wait
used for saying that there is no time to do something now and it will have to be done later:
I'm afraid plans for the party will have to wait.
,wait a`round phrasal verb intransitive
to do nothing because you are expecting something to happen, and you cannot do anything until it does:
wait around for: I don't feel like waiting around for him to decide.
`wait ,on phrasal verb transitive
1. ) wait on someone to serve people in a store or restaurant:
What do we have to do to get waited on here?
a ) wait on someone hand and foot to do everything for someone so that they do not have to do anything for themselves
2. ) wait on something to wait for a particular thing to happen:
Foreign investors are waiting on election results there.
,wait `out phrasal verb transitive
to stay where you are until something ends, usually something bad:
Let's go to the basement and wait out the storm there.
,wait `up phrasal verb intransitive
1. ) to not go to sleep until someone comes home:
wait up for: Don't wait up for me, I'll be very late tonight.
2. ) AMERICAN SPOKEN used for asking or telling someone to stop so you can speak or walk with them:
Sharon, just wait up a second please.
wait 2 [ weıt ] noun singular *
a period during which you stay in one place or delay doing something because you expect or hope that something will happen:
After an anxious two-hour wait, I saw the doctor.
Expect a long wait if you intend to buy tickets.
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Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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